Sorbet so bae you'll fall in love.

how bae did you say?

Let us count the ways

we are purists

We make our sorbet from water; ice; perfectly ripe, sweet fruit; and much less sugar than you'll usually find. No dairy. No additives. No preservatives. And very little sugar.

we are explorers

We discover novel flavour combinations using unusual, in-season ingredients. We even use vegetables, herbs and spices in some of our sorbets – it works beautifully!

we are artisans

We have exacting standards. Every batch of SOBAE sorbet is made by hand. And we buy our ingredients personally to ensure they are the very finest available.

we are idealists

We buy our ingredients from informal vendors at the point when their ripeness means they are about to be thrown out. The fight against food waste is central to us.

in season right now

The fruits we be freezing





And many, many more

the wheres and the whens

Come find us (or ask us to come find you)


  • Where: Victoria Yards, 16 Viljoen Street, Joburg
  • When: The first Sunday of every month


  • Where: The Wilds Nature Reserve, Houghton
  • When: Send us an email for our pop-up hours (or to book a pop-up in your establishment!)


We would love to celebrate with you on your special occasions. Choose from any of our seasonal flavours or ask us to customise your sorbet and we'll make it happen. Just drop us a mail!


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